White Sage Stick

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White Sage Stick

California White Sage (Salvia apiana) has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years for cleansing, purifying ones self and others as well as an area of space through burning sage, also known as ‘smudging’.


Benefits :

•Clears negativity

•Purifies home, space & aura

•Improving mood and reducing stress


•Spiritual practice


Scent Notes: Fresh, Herbaceous


How To:

Light the tip, burn for several seconds, either wave in air or place in a glass, ceramic or metal container. If it stops emitting smoke, try lighting it again.



Open a window or door before you start burning Sage. This allows the smoke & bad energy to exit your house.

Burn carefully and do not leave unattended. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Sustainably & ethically sourced in California.


Weight: 60-76g

Length: 7 inch

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