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Message From The Founder

I’ve always believed in natural remedies and alternative medicine.
Having practised yoga for many years, and subsequently studied other healing therapies, including sound healing, meditation, crystals, meridian/chakra points, I soon developed a strong interest in aromatherapy. I started learning about the different oils and their benefits and impacts on the various human systems, and how it could be used as an alternative healing remedy.
In my exploration, I began combining my knowledge of unique healing properties of crystals with essential oils, and started to create blends that addressed specific emotional traumas and issues.
In 2016, I took a big leap : I obtained my Aromatherapist Certification (IFPA-International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) and Healing Garden was born. As a believer of self-healing, I created Healing Garden with the intention of helping individuals discover their own healing abilities, within their own physical, emotional and mental bodies.
There is so much potential within these bodies to heal our own pain. Many years of unreleased negative emotions - anger, sadness, grief, fear - take a toll on the physical body, which is why, often, when people overcome a trauma and experience an emotional release, they also experience a physical release.

Healing Garden's therapeutic products are unique because we combine crystals with essential oils: each essential oil blend is complemented by a crystal with similar healing properties. The uniqueness of these products, when used correctly, within a self-healing mindset, has the ability to promote a higher vibration healing, working with the mind and body, to restore and balance the natural flow of energy or 'qi' within the body.

And there, one begins the Healing journey inward.

Priscilla Chong
Healing Garden