Why Oshadhi

Why We Choose Oshadhi?

  • Oshadhi means ‘healing plants’ in the language of ancient India and was founded in 1990 by Dr Malte Hozzel.
  • 100% pure with no artificial additive. More than 80% are organically certified & sustainability certification. Not tested on any animal.
  • ISO & GMP Certified
  • Certified by Swiss Medicinal Sector
  • Lausanne University Hospital is using it in their treatment & it is reimbursable under insurance
  • More than 500 types of essential oil, range of hydrolates and base oil. Biggest range of products to the consumer in the market.
  • No machinery used from farming, harvesting, distillation & bottling. To maximise the energetic value.
  • “Respect every living plant, treat every bottle as a living soul, the healing start within.” -- Dr Malte Hozzel