Sage Organic 10ml

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Sage Organic 10ml

Sage OrganicSalvia officinalis (2640),


also known as Common sage. A member of the mint family, sage can contain up to 50% ketone. It has very strong estrogenic properties and can be helpful with hot flashes, water retention, gum infections and the prevention of wrinkles. Sage is a certified organic pure therapeutic quality aromatherapy essential oil from Spain, obtained from the whole plant.

Stimulating, strengthening, purifying, relieves colds, flu, sore throat, cough, bronchitis, eases PMS, menstrual irregularity (has an oestrogen-like effect) and menopause (hot flashes), increases circulation, low blood pressure and flow of bile. Improves concentration and memory, calmness and clarity, clears negativity. Good for wounds, mouth ulcers, scars, herpes, cellulite, falling hair.


Sage Organic

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Salvia Officinalis


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