Ravensara Aromatica 10ml

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Ravensara Aromatica 10ml

Ravensara, Ravensara aromatica. (2532)


Ravensara has a penetrating, herbaceous scent, similar to eucalyptus. This oil has strong antiviral properties and is an excellent support for the body in cases of colds, flu, glandular fever, cold sores, shingles, etc. It stimulates the immune system, and is excellent at the beginning of an illness or when feeling rundown. Try it as an after-shower rub mixed with witch hazel or aloe vera. It is also useful for muscle fatigue and joint pain. Ravensara soothes anxiety and stress, and has uplifting properties. This is a pure therapeutic-quality aromatherapy essential oil produced using wild-crafted plants and traditional methods from Madagascar, and is obtained from the leaves.

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