Rose Quartz Butterfly Guasha

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Rose Quartz Butterfly Guasha
Rose Quartz Butterfly Guasha
Our beautiful Butterfly-shaped Guasha for inner & outer beauty. This is so relaxing and de-stressing. It helps to tighten, cool and depuff your face through gentle massage.
Hand-crafted from pure Brazilian Rose Quartz. Highest quality.

Rose Quartz Guasha may help to:
+ Reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines
+ Improve circulation and skin tone
+ Ease facial muscle tension
+ Help product absorption

The Crystal: Rose Quartz is a gemstone of love, peace and self-worth.

Texture: Smooth stone

Color: Pink and white tones

Approximate Dimensions: H 80mm x W 70mm
Weight: 70g

Due to natural variations in the stone, your Butterfly Guasha is individually unique in color and pattern.

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